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Short biography

Lilly is a singer, songwriter and producer who has received great reviews for making evocative songs of a rare kind and with a personal expression and sound. Her inspirations and influences are many and goes across genres like jazz, singer-songwriter, folk(lore) and pop. Her origins also cross borders, with a mother from Japan and a father from Denmark.  She has released two highly acclaimed albums with lyrics in English, Before The Crossing (2005), Love Is A Sound (2009) and on March 11, 2016 she released her third album, and the first with lyrics in Danish, titled Menneskeblomst,  a selfinvented word that means Humanflower.
Lilly has played, recorded and collaborated with some of the finest, most talented and versatile creative musicians in Scandinavia, Europe and US.  Among others Lew Soloff (US), Aaron Parks (US), Gilad Hekselman (ISR), Gustaf Ljunggren (S), Anders AC Christensen (DK), Jonas Berg (S), Jeppe Kjellberg (DK), Thommy Andersson (S), Krister Jonsson (S), Michael Finding (DK) and others.

Lilly Spellbounds! A rare and beautiful listening experience ”

— 5 out of 6 stars in Jyske Vestkysten, Danish newspaper about the album Love Is A Sound (2009)

Lilly has written some blazing good songs and lyrics..Love Is A Sound is so convincing an album that fame now is bound to knock on her door”

Ivan Rod, GAFFA (Danish Musicmagazine)

More great reviews in the tab About>Reviews

Video of the month / March

In September 2015 I decided to make and share a video to each of my 12 songs from my new album, Menneskeblomst, and share it for about a month. You can read more about my experiment and find more videos in the tab Media>videos.


Ac lilly gus og lew mindre str picshells


Dear all! Today, Friday March 11, is the official release date of my third album, Menneskeblomst (Humanflower). The chapter of it's creation is now complete and I will release it and let it go out on its own into the world. I feel so fortunate and happy to have had the assistance of three outstanding musicians and really nice human beings during the making of it. Gustaf Ljunggren (S), Anders AC Christensen (DK) and Lew Soloff (US) - THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your great talents and nice company! ❤️❤️❤️…

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PRE-ORDER of my New Album, Menneskeblomst, is available now!

Dear all! 
My NEW ALBUM, Menneskeblomst,
will be released two weeks from today on
Friday March 11, 2016!

But, you can PRE-ORDER it now
as a  digital download here at iTunes 
& as a CD at Gateway Music Shop 

The album features these three incredible musicians:
Gustaf Ljunggren (S) on various guitars/stringinstruments, piano etc. -  (C.V. Jørgensen, Sofia Karlsson, Randi Laubek a.o.)
Anders AC Christensen (DK) on doublebass (The Raveonettes, Paul Motian, Jakob Bro, Hess/AC/Hess,  Nikolaj Nørlund a.o)
Lew Soloff (US) on…

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UnderCOVER Cat

The cd´s for my new album, Menneskeblomst, arrived yesterday!
A big shout out to my dear friend Matthew McLemore who made all the beautiful artwork!

One of the two cats in the house was curious at first and then went undercover and back to sleeping again - not killed by curiosity ;-) #curiosity-killed-the-cat
Lilly menneskeblomst cd cover 2400x2400 pixel copy rgb profile

NEW ALBUM release on March 11, 2016

Dear all! I am very happy to announce that my new and third album, Menneskeblomst, soon is about to be released.

It will happen on Friday, March 11 2016.

Menneskeblomst, is a Danish word I made up. Literally traslated it means Humanflower.
It wil be my first album with Danish lyrics.

It features three incredible musicians.
The multiinstrumentalist, Gustaf Ljunggren (S), who also recorded and produced the album with me.
Anders AC Christensen (DK) on doublebass and Lew Soloff (US) on trumpet.

It will be available…Read more

Stay tuned!

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