The new album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman) has had a great take-off since it´s release on Dec 1st 2017:

💥 Top 5 BEST VOCAL RELEASE 2017 by The New York City Jazz Record! ✨🍾💫

💥 so far gREAT REVIEWS FROM usa (aLL aBOUT jAZZ, tHE nyc jazz record, jazzweekly), gERMANY       (jAZZPODIUM) AND DENMARK (gAFFA, pOLITIKEN, BERLINGSKE A.O.) !

💥 5 STARS in GAFFA, a major Danish music magazine, by Ivan Rod!

💥 4,5 STARS out of 5 in ALL ABOUT JAZZ  by Jakob Bækgaard + on his TOP 10 BEST RELEASES 2017! 

💥 4 HEARTS in Politiken, major Danish Newspaper by Christian Munch-Hansen!

Tenderly is a truly suburb recording, which rightly raises the expectations for her next effort ”

The New York City Jazz Review, Feb 2018 Issue

The voice and the guitar is like a match made in heaven”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS in Danish music magazine GAFFA!

Lillys and Hekselman’s arrangements reach almost the impossible of regenerating standards like the title track, “You Go To My Head”, “Skylark” and “Day Dream” to the point of ownership rather than reinterpretation”

The New York City Jazz Review, Feb 2018 Issue

A setup so simple and yet so complex. Phrasings filled with an understanding of space and pause. Guitar lines and vocal chords. Guitar chords and vocal lines. A symbiosis, a deep conversation, not chitter-chatter. Poetry sung tenderly.”

ALL ABOUT JAZZ, Dec 2017 (4,5 out of 5 stars)

.. listening to her, while she is being accompanied by Gilad - that has the stuff of legend” (....) Lilly’s authenticity is unsurpassable”

Jazz Podium, March 2018 (German jazzmagazine since 1952)

His playing in “Skylark” urges this, all the intros, accompaniments and soli are unique works of art”. (...) “End result: This duo is a new, very tall, bright lighthouse in the variety of this kind of duo occupation”

Jazz Podium (German jazzmagazine since 1952)

I am touched and deeply impressed by Lillys new album, Tenderly... So touched and impressed, that I have to say, that Tenderly is not only Lillys best release until date, but one of the recent years best Danish vocaljazzalbums!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS in Danish music magazine GAFFA. The link here to full review in Danish. Please go to REVIEWS to read English translation.

Her voice is warm and calm, and she feels completely relaxed in this setting, using space as a sound..." (...) Hekselman delivers dainty intros like flowing drapery on a glistening “Skylark” and sparkling “Day Dream” while some creative pedal work creates a pastoral “You’re Everything. Gentleness and gentility at its best." ”

Jazz Weekly


LILLY is a singer, songwriter and producer from Denmark who has received great reviews for making evocative songs of a rare kind and with a personal expression and sound. Her inspirations and influences are many and goes across genres like jazz, singer-songwriter, folk(lore) and pop. Her origins also cross borders, with a mother from Japan and a father from Denmark. 

She has released two highly acclaimed albums with lyrics in English, Before The Crossing (2005), Love Is A Sound (2009) and in March 2016 she released her third album and the first with lyrics in Danish. It was titled Menneskeblomst, a selfinvented word that means Humanflower. The album was made in close collaboration with the highly praised Swedish multiinstrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren. 

On December 1st 2017  LILLY released her fourth album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman). It is a jazz/crossover duo-album with the wonderful and critically acclaimed guitarist, Gilad Hekselman, and for the first time Lilly will exclusively intereprete songs by others. The album consist of both known and less known jazstandards of composers like Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington and Charlie Haden, a song of the British singer/songwriter Nick Drake and a small medley of a traditional folksong from Åland, Vem Kan Segla, (here sung in Danish ) and the Henry Mancini song Whistling Away The Dark. 
LILLY has played, recorded and collaborated with some of the finest, most talented and versatile creative musicians in Scandinavia, Europe and US.  Among others Lew Soloff (US), Aaron Parks (US), Gilad Hekselman (ISR), Gustaf Ljunggren (S), Anders AC Christensen (DK), Jonas Berg (S), Jeppe Kjellberg (DK), Thommy Andersson (S), Krister Jonsson (S), Michael Finding (DK) and others.

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Duo with jazzguitarist Jacob Fischer (DK) on Aug 31st

On Friday Aug 31st I´ll be playing duo with jazzguitarist Jacob Fischer! He is one of the absolute best and sought after jazzguitarists in Denmark as well as Scandinavia. Popular with audiences and critics alike Fischer has recieved numerous awards and has worked with the…

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Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2018, concert on July 9

On Monday, July 9, I’ll be playing at Copenhagen Jazzfestival with a couple of Swedish Jazz-jewels... Krister Jonsson (gui) and Thommy Andersson (bass). Also, the fantastic cornetist, Kirk Knuffke (US) will be joining the concert as a guest. It will…

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Great review from Germany in Jazz Podium!

Wohooo! 💫 Another great review of my latest album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman)! This time 
from Jazz Podium, a major German jazz magazine: 
“... listening to her, while she is being accompanied by Gilad - that has the stuff…

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4 hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️... and many fine words from Politiken!

Yesterday I received my first review ever in Politiken, a major Danish Newspaper. I feel lucky to have made it to the pages since I know how hard that is, among all those many great records of all kinds of music. 

There were many fine words from the reviewer, Christian Munch-Hansen, that called the album a little pearl and a.o. wrote like this: “...everything seems so natural in her confidential present interpretations with Gilad Hekselman, whose sovereign accompaniment is tonally singing, low-keyed listening and filled with small delicious details”.  He gave the album 4 warm hearts too ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ☺️✨

I am very happy and grateful once again that this one-day-session with Gilad Hekselman back in 2015 is being so well received.

With love and gratitude,

Lilly ❤️


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