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NEW ALBUM: The Song Is You

by Challenge Records International 

Lilly has released four critically acclaimed albums and the most recent, the duo album from 2017, Tenderly, feat. Gilad Hekselman, received an overwhelmingly positive response from the US, Germany and Denmark and was selected as TOP 5 BEST VOCAL RELEASE 2017 by The New York City Jazz Record.  In a review they a.o. wrote : “Tenderly is a truly superb recording, which rightly raises the expectations for her next effort”.

Now Lilly is ready with a new album! It was recorded on Aug 1st 2019 at Big Orange Sheep Studio i Brooklyn, New York. Gilad Hekselman performs again and on all ten songs. This time he generously shares his many versatile musical gifts on both acoustic and electric guitar as well as percussion and bodypercussion on a couple of songs. The cornetist, Kirk Knuffke, contributes with his eminent playing on seven songs.  

This new album features interpretations and arrangements of eight well-known and lesser-known jazz standards, a new composition by Lilly, Five Wild Geese, and an evocative version of the trad. Scarborough Fair. It is characterized by the open mood of the recording day and a playful approach. It offers moods of both light and lightness, darkness and heaviness, glow, soul and swing. 


ALBUMRELEASE TODAY... two great reviews! 🎶🙏❤️

YAY!! It’s RELEASEDAY of my new album ::: The Song Is You ::: LILLY feat. GILAD HEKSELMAN & KIRK KNUFFKE . 

It’s available on CD+digital via Challenge Records International / trademark Double Moon Records. Listen here: 


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GOOD NEWS! 🎶🌱🌸🌞 Spring is just around the corner and I am very happy to release Up Jumped Spring as a single and appetizer from my new album, The Song Is You, that will be released in exactly a…

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LILLY is a singer, songwriter and producer from Denmark who has received great reviews for making evocative songs of a rare kind and with a personal expression and sound. Her inspirations and influences are many and goes across genres like jazz, singer-songwriter, folk(lore) and pop. Her origins also cross borders, with a mother from Japan and a father from Denmark. 

She has released four acclaimed albums with lyrics in English, Before The Crossing (2005), Love Is A Sound (2009). Her third album, and the first with lyrics in Danish, was titled Menneskeblomst (2016), a selfinvented word that means Humanflower. The album was made in close collaboration with the highly praised Swedish multiinstrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren. On December 1st 2017 LILLY released her fourth album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman), that received rave reviews from USA, Germany and Denmark, and was chosen as Top 5 Best Vocal Release by The New York City Jazz Record. 

 Lilly is educated from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, from the department of music & movement, and has played, recorded and collaborated with some of the finest, most talented and versatile creative musicians in Scandinavia, Europe and US.  Among others Lew Soloff (US), Aaron Parks (US), Gilad Hekselman (ISR), Kirk Knuffke (US) Gustaf Ljunggren (S), Anders AC Christensen (DK), Jonas Berg (S), Jeppe Kjellberg (DK), Thommy Andersson (S), Krister Jonsson (S), Jacob Fischer (DK) and others.


The New York City Jazz Record




Lillys and Hekselman’s arrangements reach almost the impossible of regenerating standards like the title track, “You Go To My Head”, “Skylark” and “Day Dream” to the point of ownership rather than reinterpretation”

The New York City Jazz Record, Feb 2018 Issue

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