AWESOME presentation, talk and text from Bayerisher Rundfunk - klassik / Jazztime! ❤️🎶🙏✨

Thanks a lot, Bayerisher Rundfunk - Klassik / Jazztime for featuring and speaking so nicely and enthusiastically about my new album, The Song Is You, feat. Gilad Hekselman & Kirk Knuffke! I at least understood the word... „grossartig“ ☺️... but after one more listen, I now also heard expressions like: “sensationell schön“... „personality pure“... „unmittelbar“.. „unverkünstlich“ 🙏❤️ If you understand (some) German like me (or maybe just enjoy to listen to it), then you can listen to the talk between Beate Sampson, Roland Spiegel and Ulli Habersetzer from about 44:17.  
Here’s the link:
The program should be available for a week! ☀️🌱🌸 

They also wrote very nicely about it on the program-website. Here is a translation in English:

"LILLY: The Song is you | 
Charming, fresh and airy, but also profound and full of delicate power, that's how the music of Lilly sounds. 
Lilly-Ann Hertzmann, singer from Denmark, has named her new album "The Song is you" and on it there are mainly jazz standards. And: Lilly has taken the title to heart. She becomes one with these jazz songs. The singer has created very personal interpretations together with the Israeli guitarist Gilad Hekselman and the US cornet player Kirk Knuffke. Hekselman in particular becomes a perfect one-man orchestra on the album: rhythm, harmony, even melody and atmosphere, he delivers all this with brilliant ease and pithy grounding. Kirk Knuffke's cornet adds a tastefully tense tonal spice. A lively, extremely appealing album is what Lilly's "The song is you" has become. A discovery worth making!"

Thanks a lot also for those fine words! 🙏❤️ See German text on the photo below or via the link above. 

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