Really nice review from Jazz Thing in Germany! 🙏🎶❤️

Thanks a lot, Jazz thing, for a very nice and first review from Germany!

Below is a screenshot from the site. Here is the direct link

Here is a translation to English:

“Once again an album on which jazz standards are sung. But in contrast to some other colleagues, the Japanese-Danish singer Lilly and her two New York accompanists Gilad Hekselman (guitar) and Kirk Knuffke (cornet) show that in this so-called supreme discipline of jazz, the motto should always be empathy, surprise and also another level of interpretation. For when an artist dares to tackle such songs as "My Foolish Heart", "Prelude To A Kiss", "That Old Feeling" or "The Song Is You", he wants to emphasize the substance or essence of the song, but ideally also to make a piece sound not immediately recognizable or old-fashioned. Lilly, aka Lilly-Ann Hertzman, succeeds in this, her versions present themselves as artistic with a personal expression. Therefore, her interpretations offer an emotionally deep, truthful view, due to which these standards thus become her own songs. “ / Olaf Maikopf, Jazz thing 138


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