Dear all! Today, Friday March 11, is the official release date of my third album, Menneskeblomst (Humanflower). The chapter of it's creation is now complete and I will release it and let it go out on its own into the world. I feel so fortunate and happy to have had the assistance of three outstanding musicians and really nice human beings during the making of it. Gustaf Ljunggren (S), Anders AC Christensen (DK) and Lew Soloff (US) - THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your great talents and nice company! ❤️❤️❤️. I enjoyed it very much! The days in Gustaf's studio in Copenhagen in September 2014 and the days with Lew in NYC in January, 2015 will always be dear and fond memories. The good energy has been my guiding star throughout the whole process - for that I am very grateful!

I would also like to thank and give credits to these good people and organisations for their fine work and help: August Wanngren (mix), Stockholm Mastering / Thomas Eberger (mastering), Matthew McLemore (artwork), Patricia Frazau Pereira (photos), Per Østerby (photos), Søren Gaden (Pressroom/PR guidance), Gateway Music (distribution), DJBFA (scholarships and retreats), Dansk Artist Forbund (financial albumsupport). 

All music & lyrics by Lilly.
Produced by Lilly and Gustaf Ljunggren.

You can get more info and listen to soundclips, watch videos and find links to purchase the album at my site:

Direct links here to
digital downloadiTunes (iTunes booklet included if you purchase the album), Amazon, Google Play, 7 Digital ....among other places.
CD purchase at Gateway Music or iMusic

Much peace and love, 
Lilly ❤️

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