New York City Jazz Record: “Tenderly is a truly supurb recording...” and many more fine words in this VERY nice review!

The magazine THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD that placed Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman) as Top 5 BEST VOCAL RELEASES 2017 about a month ago, is now featuring a VERY nice and thorough review of the album with many fine words and I am really proud to be able to highlight a section like this:

"Without the palette of colors provided by a full band, her voice almost floats above the at-times minimalistic, yet rich and often suspenseful tapestry provided by guitar. The material could not have been more challenging, inasmuch as it is inevitably associated with interpretations that have made the history of jazz. Yet, Lilly and Hekselman’s arrangements reach almost the impossible of regenerating standards like the title track, “You Go to My Head”, “Skylark” and “Day Dream” to the point of ownership rather than reinterpretation". 

And it ends with this sentence:  "Tenderly is a truly superb recording, which rightly raises the expectations for her next effort".

I am SO grateful once again! ?✨ 

The review is to be found in the February Issue of    

Lots of love & peace, Lilly ❤️