ALBUMRELEASE TODAY... two great reviews! 🎶 

YAY!! It’s RELEASEDAY of my new album ::: The Song Is You ::: LILLY feat. GILAD HEKSELMAN & KIRK KNUFFKE . 

It’s available on CD+digital via Challenge Records International / trademark Double Moon Records. Listen here: 

Two nice album-birthday reviews: 

***** 5 STARS today from Danish GAFFA /Ivan Rod, that a.o. write: ““Lilly-Ann Hertzman has an incredibly good and seemingly natural grip on the songs / ballads. It's as if they're part of her own musical DNA. As if their swing leans up against her own swing. As if her voice is created for them or vice versa. And then it's as if her collaboration with Gilad Hekselman is a perfect match. Her warm vocals snuggle lightly and beautifully up his string playing. And now also up to Knuffke's tone. 

Given that the entire album was recorded in just one day in New York, one must take one's hat off and admire the musicality and virtuosity of the three, their respective, innovative starting point and their ability to collaborate when the record button is activated.” 

(Thanks to Google translate 

Read the full review here in Danish: 

And..also, Jazz Thing in Germany are happy: “ Once again an album on which jazz standards are sung. But in contrast to some other colleagues, the Japanese-Danish singer Lilly and her two New York accompanists Gilad Hekselman (guitar) and Kirk Knuffke (cornet) show that in this so-called supreme discipline of jazz, the motto should always be empathy, surprise and also another level of interpretation. For when an artist dares to tackle such songs as "My Foolish Heart", "Prelude To A Kiss", "That Old Feeling" or "The Song Is You", he wants to emphasize the substance or essence of the song, but ideally also to make a piece sound not immediately recognizable or old-fashioned. Lilly, aka Lilly-Ann Hertzman, succeeds in this, her versions present h themselves as artistic with a personal expression. Therefore, her interpretations offer an emotionally deep, truthful view, due to which these standards thus become her own songs. “/ Mai 

(Thanks to Martina Weinmar for translation)

Here is a link to the review in German:



I am very happy and grateful to be able to release these songs and I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed recording them that fine first day of August 2019 in Brooklyn, New York with a bunch of fine human beings.. a couple of them being truly amazing musicians too. 

Much love, 



Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Perez-Cisneros at 

Big Orange Sheep Studio, Brooklyn, NYC 

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in making this release a reality: 

First and foremost a very warm and big thank you to Gilad and Kirk. For the spirit of joy, playfulness, openness and dedication that I was so fortunate to experience when recording this album with you fabulous guys! I am so happy and grateful for that, and for all the creative musical gifts both of you so generously shared with me.

Mr. Awesome, Michael Perez-Cisneros. Big Orange Sheep Studio. 

Patricia Frazao/ZenProduction for nice albumcover and Gulnara Khamatova for studio session photos. 

Volker Dueck/ Double Moon Records & Martina Weinmar/ MaWeMarketing, 

Boudewijn Hagemans & Sander Vos at Challenge Records International.


GOOD NEWS! 🎶🌱🌸🌞 Spring is just around the corner and I am very happy to release Up Jumped Spring as a single and appetizer from my new album, The Song Is You, that will be released in exactly a month from today! 

'There’s a lot of joy and playfulness in this version, I think, not least thanks to the creative and versatile musical gifts from Gilad Hekselman, that’s playing both guitar and body percussion on this track, and Kirk Knuffke on cornet. I hope it will bring a spirit of spring to many hearts and souls! ❤️ Lilly



On August 1st 2019 I had a really nice time making music with Gilad Hekselman and Kirk Knuffke in Big Orange Sheep Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

I feel so grateful to be able to work with such incredible musicians and wonderful human beings.

Soundengineer Michael Perez-Cisneros and the crew that day in the studio was doing an amazing job in recording us and making us feel comfortable, for all those good vibes and work thank you is a very small word! 

The photographer Gulnara Khamatov was able to jump in with short notice and took a lot of photos during the beginning of the day, I post some of them here below.

A huge THANK YOU to everybody involved. I am grateful and happy and look forward to share the music with you sometime in the future!

Much love,




Great "new" review/article in All About Jazz! 

"Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass set the bar high for guitar-vocal duos. Danish singer LILLY (-Ann Hertzman) and guitarist Gilad Hekselman touch that bar with Tenderly."

Wow! The line above is just the first one in an incredible review/article in All About Jazz by C. Michael Bailey. Reading it made me have goosebumps, smile and feel very grateful at the same time. Furthermore, his article was released on May 9 2018 over a year ago and I had not heard about it until the other day, when I was very kindly notified about it by the founder/Publisher of All About Jazz, Michael Ricci, as he thought it might be of interest for me. Oh, my...he was right! I hope you will all find it worth reading too somehow. Here are some other extracted lines from it:

" The pair reveal an immediate potent and intimate rapport, one that allows for a broad latitude of interpretation of their chosen material in such a way not to obscure the original melody, instead enhancing it in a very modern way".

"Lilly sings with ever so slightly an accent which supercharges her performances increasing it sexual appeal and allure".

"Hekselman's exacting playing enhances this. On Nick Drake's dark "Voice from the Mountain" Hekselman summons primal tones from his guitar, like that of a garage rock trooper making his way. The pair build dramatic momentum gradually, then allowing it to ebb. The one foreign language piece on the disc, "Hvem Kan Sejle" is paired with the Mancini/Mercer "Whistling Away the Dark" bolstering the Weimar comparison, the music and singing being decadently rich, like dark chocolate. This disc has much to endorse it. More standards from Lilly are in order."


Link to the full article is here beneath as well as a screenshot of the part of the article about my album, Tenderly, which is among seven women-releases that C. Michael Bailey starts by describing as: An embarrassment of riches...



On Friday January 18 I look forward to play another duo-concert with the wonderful and extraordinary jazzguitarist, Jacob Fischer (DK). We will be playing two sets of various jazzstandards and a premiere of a new song of mine.

Jacob is one of the absolute best and sought after jazzguitarists in Denmark as well as Scandinavia. Popular with audiences and critics alike  he has recieved numerous awards and has worked with the best Scandinavian and international musicians. He was a.o. a longtime member of violin legend Svend Asmussens quartet. You can get more info about him here:

The concert will take place in Cafe Slotsbio in Hillerød (DK). I have recently been noticed that they have moved the concert to the theater-room from the cafe due to the number of tickets already sold...great!

Much love,


Duo with jazzguitarist Jacob Fischer (DK) on Aug 31st 

On Friday Aug 31st I´ll be playing duo with jazzguitarist Jacob Fischer! He is one of the absolute best and sought after jazzguitarists in Denmark as well as Scandinavia. Popular with audiences and critics alike Fischer has recieved numerous awards and has worked with the best Scandinavian and international musicians. He was a.o. a longtime member of violin legend Svend Asmussens quartet. You can get more info about this wonderful musician here:

The concert will take place at Gilleleje Bibliotek in Kulturhavn Gilleleje from 4-6 pm. Free entrace!!

Much love,


Jazz Weekly: "Female vocal gems..." Another really nice review! 

Jazz Weekly, a jazzmagazine based in California, has a very nice review in their March issue. I am grateful and happy for it all, and for being mentioned as a FEMALE VOCAL GEM among such great company of singers like Kate McGarry, Madeleine and Sunny Wilkinson !✨ ??

Here are some of the fine words from the review:

"Vocalist Lilly does an impressive collection of cozy duets with guitarist Gilad Hekselman" (...) 
"Her voice is warm and calm, and she feels completely relaxed in this setting, using space as a sound..." (...) 
" Hekselman delivers dainty intros like flowing drapery on a glistening “Skylark” and sparkling “Day Dream” while some creative pedal work creates a pastoral “You’re Everything. Gentleness and gentility at its best." 

Here is at link to the review:




Great review from Germany in Jazz Podium! 

Wohooo! ? Another great review of my latest album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman)! This time 
from Jazz Podium, a major German jazz magazine: 
“... listening to her, while she is being accompanied by Gilad - that has the stuff of legend” (....) “Lilly’s authenticity is unsurpassable” (...) “His playing in “Skylark” urges this, all the intros, accompaniments and soli are unique works of art”. (...) 
“End result: This duo is a new, very tall, bright lighthouse in the variety of this kind of duo occupation”. 
Above quotes are just some of the very nice words from Alexander Schmitz, Jazz Podium. Thank you very much! I am happy and grateful once again! ?☺️ 

It is my fist review in German and from Germany. So, I made an attempt of a translation to English. It is the right column on the pic-collage...if any comments for better translation, please feel free to let me know ☺️

❤️ Lilly


"Women on the wings of jazz..." 4 stars and fine words from Berlingske!  

Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman) was reviewed in the major Danish newspaper, Berlingske this monday January 29, together with some really nice collegues of mine. We were all referred to as "four of the most significant vocalists on the Danish jazzscene" who all recently have released "personal and integrated abums".

I feel grateful, happy and lucky once again for the four stars and more nice words about this album like ".....fine and credible interpretations of songs like Hoagy Carmichaels "Skylark" and Charlie Hadens "First Song" and the Swedish folksong "Vem Kan Segla" here featured in an elegant combination with Henry Mancinis "Whistling Away The Dark" ".

Here is a link to the review online:





New York City Jazz Record: “Tenderly is a truly supurb recording...” and many more fine words in this VERY nice review! 

The magazine THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD that placed Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman) as Top 5 BEST VOCAL RELEASES 2017 about a month ago, is now featuring a VERY nice and thorough review of the album with many fine words and I am really proud to be able to highlight a section like this:

"Without the palette of colors provided by a full band, her voice almost floats above the at-times minimalistic, yet rich and often suspenseful tapestry provided by guitar. The material could not have been more challenging, inasmuch as it is inevitably associated with interpretations that have made the history of jazz. Yet, Lilly and Hekselman’s arrangements reach almost the impossible of regenerating standards like the title track, “You Go to My Head”, “Skylark” and “Day Dream” to the point of ownership rather than reinterpretation". 

And it ends with this sentence:  "Tenderly is a truly superb recording, which rightly raises the expectations for her next effort".

I am SO grateful once again! ?✨ 

The review is to be found in the February Issue of    

Lots of love & peace, Lilly ❤️



4 hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️... and many fine words from Politiken!  

Yesterday I received my first review ever in Politiken, a major Danish Newspaper. I feel lucky to have made it to the pages since I know how hard that is, among all those many great records of all kinds of music. 

There were many fine words from the reviewer, Christian Munch-Hansen, that called the album a little pearl and a.o. wrote like this: “...everything seems so natural in her confidential present interpretations with Gilad Hekselman, whose sovereign accompaniment is tonally singing, low-keyed listening and filled with small delicious details”.  He gave the album 4 warm hearts too ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ☺️✨

I am very happy and grateful once again that this one-day-session with Gilad Hekselman back in 2015 is being so well received.

With love and gratitude,

Lilly ❤️


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Dear all!

?✨ An almost magical and star spangled take-off and journey so far of my new album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman) ends on a really high note that I had never even dared dream of a month ago, when I released it on Dec 1st 2017! I am SO happy and grateful .. and also a little proud as well, to announce that The New York City Jazz Record has chosen to give the album 3 really good gifts in their new January 2018 Issue! 

?1) It has been included as one of their TOP 5 “BEST VOCAL RELEASES OF THE YEAR!” ✨???✨ So.. I am now able to see my name and the album title, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman), surrounded by 4 really amazing jazz singers in this category.. a couple of them being from major labels and Grammy awarded/nominated! ✨☺️✨ 

? 2) And as if that was not enough, I was notified yesterday that it has also been included in a list of their ✨RECOMMENDED NEW RELEASES✨...and so I found myself being on the same list as the divine queen of jazz and one of my first teachers (though she never knew ;), the one and only...Miss ELLA FITZGERALD !!! ✨????? Wow! 

As a third thing.. ?3) The album was also mentioned in their VOX NEWS column as an example of “..the diversity of vocal jazz talent that derives from the Nordic region” ☺️ 

Oh, my...although, I have known about the first good news for some weeks now, it still feels a bit surreal for me to comprehend all this..including the first 5 star review in Danish music magazine GAFFA on Dec 1st and the last 4,5 Star review in All About Jazz yesterday! Me being a small town girl, living in a small town in the small state of Denmark...having been away from the jazz scene for several years too... or rather, not really having entered it before. 
So, dear all.. I am truly happy, grateful and astonished to let you all know that Christmas tales DO come true! And it doesn’t matter how old you are ...☺️   

Best wishes for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 to everyone and THANK YOU so much for everything in 2017!

✨??????? Lots of love and peace, Lilly ❤️ 

P.S. You can download the new January Issue  and more free monthly Issues as pdf-files here: 
Or.. if you are in NYC you can also pick up a copy at a lot of various music venues around town✨? ???????

BEST OF 2017: Vocal Releases - in The New York City Jazz Review! 





Dear All.

I am truly HAPPY & GRATEFUL to let you all know that my latest album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman) has been chosen as one of the five BEST VOCAL RELEASES 2017 in The New York City Jazz Record!

I feel proud to be in this category at all, and furthermore to share it with the jazz singers Jazzmeia Horn, Cecile McLorin Salvant, Dominique Eade and Eric Mingus. Wow! A big and warm thanks to everyone at The New York City Jazz Review for the good news!

It is overwhelming and a bit surreal..but in a very nice way! Sometimes life smiles at you and rewards you with good things when you are least expecting it :)

Furthermore, the album is also being mentioned in the VOX NEWS column of the same January Issue of the The New York City Jazz Records (page 11), and it was also featured in the RECOMMENDED NEW RELEASES by the editor, Laurence Donohuse-Greene!

Please visit to download the January Issue for free, or if you happen to be in New York City, you can pick a physical expample up at many venues there all month long!

With much love and gratitude,



Dear all.

I am really happy to have received a really nice review in All About Jazz, and many stars too to go along with the fine words...4,5 stars out of 5!  I am so grateful that the music I made with Gilad on this album is liked a lot once again :)

The author of this review, Jakob Bækgaard, furthermore liked the music so much that he has included it on his list of BEST RELEASES 2017. Thanks a lot!

Here is a link to the review.

Big hug,





Nice review from Jazznyt by Niels Overgaard 


I am very happy to have received another nice review of the album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman). This time by Niels Overgaard, from the jazzblog,, who thinks that Gilad and have been able to "....create something new and personal of the wellknown melodies".

You can read it here in Danish:

Best wishes to all of you for a nice December and HAPPY HOLIDAYS,


NEW ALBUM OUT TODAY! LILLY: Tenderly (feat. GILAD HEKSELMAN) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars in Danish music magazine GAFFA! 

Dear all!

Today it´s December 1st, and I am VERY HAPPY to announce the release of a new album, LILLY: Tenderly (feat. GILAD HEKSELMAN). You can get it for download and streaming worldwide HERE!

It was such a joy to make music together with this amazing, wonderful guitarist and human being one fine Octoberday back in 2015. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, GILAD! Now the result is out for you all to listen to. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

I am also really happy and overwhelmed by the first and very fine review from Ivan Rod/GAFFA, who gives the album ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 STARS! Most of all I am truly happy since he writes about how touched and deeply impressed he is about the music we have made here.To me, that is what making music and singing is all touch someone. If that happens - I feel a joy deep in my heart and soul! 

Ivan Rod begins his review like this:  

"I am touched and deeply impressed by Lillys new album, Tenderly. Touched and impressed by the Danish jazzsingers vulnerable, minimalistic and almost naked expression. Touched and impressed by her deepfelt, relevant and solid versions of eight of the really great jazzstandards. So touched and impressed, that I have to say, that Tenderly is not only Lillys best releast until date, but one the recent years best Danish vocaljazzalbums!"

....He ends the review with these words:

"The way, in which the two - Lilly and Hekselman - approach the material, is so absolutely poignant and reveals a deep musicality. The voice and the guitar is like a match made in heaven. And the management of the material is poignant". 

Thank you very much, Ivan! 

You can read the full review in Danish musicmagazine here in GAFFA and in Ivan´s own blog here wishes to all of you of a happy, healthy and peaceful december.

Much love,

Lilly ❤️

On my way to Radio Jazz.. 

Right now I am on my way to Radio Jazz in Copenhagen where I have been invited to come and play some songs from the new album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman).

It will be released this Friday, Dec 1st! 

You can listen to Radio Jazz here via the internet or if you live in Copenhagen you can tune in to FM 102,9. I will be on air from about 21.00 - 21.30, today Monday 27th Nov. 

Mondayhugs and all that jazz, 

Lilly ☺️



TENDERLY... title track from new album coming soon: LILLY feat. GILAD HEKSELMAN 

Hello everybody!

Today on Oct 20th it is exactly two years ago I had a very nice and fun day in a studio in Copenhagen with the wonderful guitarist, Gilad Hekselman. It happened as a part of his Artist In Residence stay here back then. An album has been carefully mixed and mastered by the fabulous August Wanngren, and so now I am able to let you have a listen to the song Tenderly, which is also the titletrack of a coming duoalbum which will be released  digitally ultimo 2017. More info about the excact releasedate very soon....

Here is a link to the song Tenderly on Soundcloud:

Hope you will enjoy it!

Much love,



Here is a little bit about Gilad..borrowed from his website

GILAD HEKSELMAN has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising guitarists in New York since his arrival in 2004. After only a few years this native Israeli has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists in the New York City jazz scene including Chris Potter, Mark Turner, John Scofield, Anat Cohen, Ari Hoenig, Esperanza Spalding, Sam Yahel, Jeff Ballard, Gretchen Parlato, Avishai Cohen, Jeff 'Tain' Watts, Tigran Hamasyan, Aaron Parks and Greg Hutchinson. 

Gilad has played all major jazz clubs in New York City including the Blue Note, The Jazz Standard, Dizzy's Club and Smalls. He is constantly touring world-wide and has played most noteworthy jazz festivals including Montreux (Sui), North Sea (Ned), Montreal (Can) & San Francisco (USA).

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