From the album MENNESKEBLOMST (2016)

In September 2015 I decided to make and share a video to each of my 12 songs from my album, Menneskeblomst. I didn´t  have any experience in movie-making at all, so it was a fun experiment for myself. I used my phone for recording, and made it a rule to make it only one-clip-videos (that means I can also just place a photo...I found out later ;-) How I placed the music was quite random and by intution, but somehow I think it actually fits quite ok. Hopefully you enjoy!

Video of March 2016: Menneskeblomst / Humanflower
Video of February 2016
Song: Under Et Tæppe Af Sne / Under A Blanket Of Snow
Video of January 2016
Song: Frosten Kom / The Frost Came
Video of December 2015
Song: Livets Træ / Tree Of Life

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