GREAT review from Norway by Tor Hammerø! 🎶🙏❤️🤗

THANK YOU, Tor Hammerø! ❤️🙏 I am very happy and grateful that, The Song Is You, has received a very nice and fine review from Norway.. and it’s actually also my first ever from this beautiful and jazzloving country 🎶☀️🌱🏔🤗 

It is pusblished in Nettavisen here:

But, it can also be found here at Tor De Jazz 😘 from where I add the photo-collage below.

Here is an translation to English: 

  Never heard of the Danish vocalist Lilly before?  Take it easy - then we are at least two.  Now you are warned anyway: she is well worth spending quality time with. 

Increasingly, Tor de Jazz is also being noticed far beyond the country's borders.  It is of course nice and it has, among other things, led to the meeting with Lilly, who will probably react if she is accused as Lilly-Ann Hertzman as well.  It has actually been a very pleasant meeting. 

 Lilly (47) has had four releases on her conscience since 2006. Much of the material has previously been written by Lilly and one of the albums, "Menneskeblomst", consists of Danish lyrics.  On her previous album, "Tenderly" from 2017, it was one of her great musical loves, the American songbook, that was on the repertoire. 

 The brilliant Israeli but US-resident guitarist Gilad Hekselman was Lilly's only travel companion on "Tenderly", but it was obviously tempting to repeat and when Lilly set course for New York in late summer 2019, Hekselman was booked again for completely understandable reasons. 

 This time, the exclusive duo has been expanded to a trio of seven of the ten songs.  Top-class cornet player, Kirk Knuffke, whom we recently met in another exquisite trio collaboration with Thommy Andersson and Josefine Cronholm, gives this treasure exactly the personal spice it asks for every time he puts the cornet to his lips. 

 With eight standard songs such as "If You Could See Me Now", "It Might as Well Be Spring" and Horace Silver's "Lonely Woman", as well as an original song and a beautiful version of the trad song "Scarborough Fair", Lilly tells with her warm voice and  her heartfelt expression that she is able to give these immortal songs, which have been recorded thousands of times, something deeply personal. 

 Hekselman, on both electric and acoustic guitar, is so definitely helping to lift the treasure to new places and that it was a warm, relaxed, but at the same time ambitious atmosphere in the studio in Brooklyn the day it was recorded, comes out very clearly through the speakers  . 

 So it took a while before Lilly's and my paths crossed.  It was very high time it should show.  "The Song Is You" is timeless music for all seasons and for many years.”



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