Great review from Germany in Jazz Podium!

Wohooo! ? Another great review of my latest album, Tenderly (feat. Gilad Hekselman)! This time 
from Jazz Podium, a major German jazz magazine: 
“... listening to her, while she is being accompanied by Gilad - that has the stuff of legend” (....) “Lilly’s authenticity is unsurpassable” (...) “His playing in “Skylark” urges this, all the intros, accompaniments and soli are unique works of art”. (...) 
“End result: This duo is a new, very tall, bright lighthouse in the variety of this kind of duo occupation”. 
Above quotes are just some of the very nice words from Alexander Schmitz, Jazz Podium. Thank you very much! I am happy and grateful once again! ?☺️ 

It is my fist review in German and from Germany. So, I made an attempt of a translation to English. It is the right column on the pic-collage...if any comments for better translation, please feel free to let me know ☺️

❤️ Lilly


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