HAPPY INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY! 🎶🌎🎉 I am very happy and grateful to be presented by JazzDayGermay 2021 as one of 50 Jazz artists!🙏❤️

I am very happy and grateful to be presented as one of 50 jazz artists by JazzDayGermany that a.o. have this beautiful statement: “Together with musicians from Germany, German-speaking countries, many others from Europe and all over the world, we want to show how diverse, creative, inspiring and entrancing jazz music can be. So we celebrate the day that is "our'" day: International Jazz Day together with the whole world.” 

This year they also cooperate with Jazzahead (tradefair and festival). 

I am looking forward to check out the other jazz artists that I am featured among! You can check it out also here:https://www.jazzdaygermany.de/home.html

Much love,

Lilly ❤️

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