1. The Rescue

From the recording Before The Crossing (2005)


The Rescue
(by Lilly)

I thought our love
was a love in vain
that my fear of falling
was all that could remain
but, I was pushed ashore
and then I saw the sun rise once more

You could have run
but you stayed like a rock
you lifted off the weight
and then you opened the lock
how can it be
that you put all this trust in me

So, now I feel like a
flower in the morningdew
that has awoken
to a world that´s new
so, here´s my
thanks to you
for coming to my rescue

And now it´s clear that

Life is unpredictable
and love´s a work of art
all good things will have an end
but they also have a start


You opened up my heart
You opened up my heart