Lilly´s latest album, Menneskeblomst, now available on streaming services!

Hello everybody! It´s been a while and I have been taking a really long break from almost any updates and involvements on social medias since my last release in March. But, I am back on this fast-train-track and will feed you with some surprises soon that might compensate for my time off here ;)

To begin with I can announce that my latest album release, Menneskeblomst, is now available on streaming services like Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify etc.
On my website you can find links to various streaming and download services, lyrics and more of  this and my two other albums as well.

Menneskeblomst, is my first album with lyrics in Danish and it features these three wonderful musicians: Gustaf Ljunggren (S) on different guitars, stringinstruments, piano etc. , Anders AC Christensen (DK) on doublebass and Lew Soloff (US) on trumpet.

So, you´re welcome to check it out and also feel free to leave me a comment and/or sign up here on my emaillist for newsletters directly in your inbox and to Like my Facebook artistpage

Much love and peace,

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